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Aircon Repair Services Sandton

AC Systems We Repair

HVAC system we fix include Inverter or Non-Inverter systems. Like Window Air Conditioners. Wall Air Conditioners. Portable Air Conditioners. Central Air Conditioners. Ductless Air Conditioners. Mini-Split Air Conditioners. Multi-Split Air Conditioners and Split Air Conditioners.

AC Components We Repair

HVAC components we fix include items. Like Outdoor Unit. Condenser. Condenser Coil. Compressor. Fan. Fan coil and Electrical Components. As well as Indoor Unit. Thermostat. Evaporator. Evaporator Coil. Expansion Valve. Sensors. Timers. Valves. Ducts. Pipes. Remotes and PC Board.

AC Brands We Repair

HVAC brands we fix include, but not limited to. Gree. Carrier. LG. Midea. Samsung. TCL. Daiken. York. Hisence. Fujitsu. Panasonic. Toshiba. Hitachi. Mitsubishi. Jet-Air. Goldair. Sanyo. Sharp. Trane. Alliance Air. Whirlpool. Breezair. Nashua. Pioneer and Electrolux heating and cooling systems.

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